The Caffeine-Fuelled Dining Experience For Coffee Lovers

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

Starbucks cold coffee brew tasting event, London

The Institute of Flavourology – the genius gang who put on immersive supper-club Gingerline – is here to make your tastebuds pop with a coffee-inspired menu.

You won’t need to hang about for an after-dinner coffee, because they’ve partnered with Starbucks to create a tasting menu celebrating the tastes, aromas and textures of the mermaid’s latest cold brews.

Starbucks Institute of Flavourology


In an hour-long dining experience on Shoreditch High Street, you can sample a series of secret coffee-inspired dishes, each one isolating one of the ‘notes’ that ultimately combine into the final, full-bodied flavour. And it’s just five quid, all of which goes to Send A Cow, the charity supporting coffee farming communities of Africa, so the warm glow of altruism should perfectly offset your icy caffeine-fuelled jitters.

Drink some coffee, send a cow. Easy.
Cow’s in the post, guys.

The Cold Craft Coffee Testing Facility is running from Monday, May 15 until Tuesday, May 23rd at the Nicholls & Clarke Showrooms (courtesy of British Land and managed by Location House), Shoreditch. Booking is essential – claim your sixty minutes of coffee-flavoured heaven here.

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