London Is Getting A Restaurant Dedicated To Chips, Because Why The Hell Not?

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor


The chips are down at Chipsy.

No better time than a Fryday to announce the opening of a chips restaurant, is there? Deliveroo favourites Chipsy are opening a bricks and mortar shop this year, dedicated to chips, the whole chips, and nothing but the chips. Hey, we’ve already got a crisps-only restaurant, so this was probably the next logical step for potato fans.Chipsy

To paraphrase Henry Ford, you can have any dish you want, so long as it’s chips. Cut fresh every day, and then triple-cooked for the perfect crispiness, Chipsy’s chips are rather fabulous fries. The variety comes from their range of toppings: you can have your chips poutine-ified, topped with jackfruit and salsa, or currywurst.Chipsy

Chipsy have been a little hesitant to put their chips down on the table, so we don’t know when and where they’re opening yet. You can be sure of one thing when they do finally open, however. Since there are no other chips-only restaurants in London, you won’t be able to accuse this one of being a chip off the old block…

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