This London Market Has Been Named One Of The Seven Urban Wonders Of The World

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Urban wonders

Camden Market: officially wonderful.

Ok, so we all know that London is rather wonderful (we wouldn’t spend our days writing about it if it wasn’t, TBH). But now, the city officially boasts one of the Seven Urban Wonders of the World, as Camden Market was anointed one of the world’s most wonderful city spots – the only UK location to gain the honour.

Urban wonders
Photo: @g.t_traveldiaries

In a very 2018 selection process, Hilton Hotels commissioned the list, and then asked a crowd of influencers to pick their winners. (Side note: what’s the collective noun for a group of influencers – a gaggle? A flock? An influence? I really feel like it’s high time someone came up with a term for it). Overlooking big tourist spots like Covent Garden and the South Bank, the parade of influencers were clearly impressed by Camden’s musical heritage and plethora of street food traders. They’re not the only ones to be attracted to the spot; Secret London HQ is next to Camden Market, and we can certainly attest to an ever-present swarm of tourists.

Urban wonders
Photo: @georgiehoole

The list puts Camden Market in some pretty exalted company; famous spots to make the list include the Sydney Opera House and The Bund, Shanghai’s neon-lit waterfront. Rounding out the winners were the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Vienna’s Albertina Museum, the Temple Street Night Markets of Hong Kong, and The Louvre – although confusingly, it’s the recently-opened Abu Dhabi location, rather than the Parisian original.

Urban wonders
The Bund, Shanghai. Yeah, it’s pretty impressive, but does it have cannabis lollipops?

Following on from Tooting’s coronation as one of the world’s coolest neighbourhoods, this is yet more proof of London’s enduring coolness. And we didn’t even need a pyramid to do it.

Featured image: @gafko

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