BEAST MODE: Am I Cool Enough?

Tom Livingstone Tom Livingstone


Let’s start out by clearing up what Beast Mode is. To me, it’s always belonged in the geeky gamer cabinet, alongside words like ‘noob’ and ‘pwned’. But, apparently, it’s some kind of Peckham grime night. Which is the first hole in my disguise as an actual cool person.

Beast Mode

The second appears when I visit Beast Mode’s website. With possibly the 2nd coolest domain name in the land (beastmodeldn.com), the site jumps out at you with some amazing colour displays and music. I don’t get any of it. Fortunately, there’s also an event description for me to refer to. It tells me how it’s the ‘gulliest gathering’ and that there’ll be plenty of ‘premium beats’ for the sake of my ‘beastly leisure’. Sounds great. I have no idea what it means, but it sounds great. Which leads me to one obvious conclusion: I’m no longer cool enough for events like this (was I ever?)

What I can glean from reading the article is that the club night is celebrating its 2nd birthday with a low-key event in the Bussey Building in Peckham, perhaps with some party hats and cake. Okay, so this time I am kidding. It’ll be far from low-key. It’ll be far from civilised. And it’ll be far too cool for me. There’s music from Novelist, Hiltz, Elf Kid, Madam X, Cooks and Trufix ‒ none of whom I’ve heard of. There’s music from plenty of others, too, which I’ve missed off the list because I have no idea whether they’ll impress you or not. If they do, tickets happen to be going for £8 on Fever.

My final thoughts? There is no place for me at this gully gathering (what is ‘gully’?) I’m just not cool enough. If you think you are, purchase a ticket for the event straight through your phone. Download the app Fever and then enter the exclusive reward code SECRETBEAST to save £5 on ticket price. So that’ll be £3 in total… Have fun.

Beast Mode 2


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