A Free Light Festival Arrives At Battersea Power Station This January

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Battersea Light Festival

Battersea’s light festival is set to banish those dark winter nights.

Battersea Power Station may not be generating power anymore, but they’re producing a lot of light this winter nonetheless. On January 8th, the area will host their first-ever light festival, bringing four mesmerising installations to the iconic site – and best of all, it’ll be absolutely free to enjoy.

It’s just the latest step in a massive redevelopment of the Battersea Power Station area that’ll also see a new crazy golf course, a roof garden, Northern Line stations, a panoramic glass lift, and this insane sky pool before the work is completed. All very exciting, and the light festival is an excellent appetiser that’s guaranteed to bring a little colour to those January nights.

Battersea Light Festival
Photo: @madsvegaslighting

There are four installations to see, each commissioned by Light Art Collection, who also run the Amsterdam Light Festival. Perhaps the most visually arresting is Talking Heads, created by Viktor Vicsek; two heads, each composed of 4000 customisable LED lights, react to one another by creating a myriad of facial expressions.

Elsewhere, you can catch Mads Vegas’ Eternal Sundown, which uses fluorescent tubes to showcase a spectrum from sunset to dawn, whilst Action Reaction 2.0 by Sjimme Veenhuis is a series of one thousand buttons that illuminate in a multitude of colours. Finally, there’s This Is It, Be Here Now, a neon sign from Tropism Art & Science Collective that flashes and sparkles, a provocation to remain in the present.

The light festival is sticking around until February 16th, and with Canary Wharf’s Winter Lights festival also pitching up in January, you can be sure the month will be anything but dark!

Find out more about the festival here.

Featured image: @amsterdamlightfestival

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