Apparently Science Can Explain Our Love Or Hate Relationship With Marmite

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It’s that age old question: love it or hate it?

You simply cannot sit on the fence on this one. It’s Britain’s greatest and most important debate.

But this infamous love/hate relationship has finally been explained… by science.


Whichever side you bat for, DNAFit, a genetics company that researches all sorts of genetic connections between nutrition and fitness, have claimed that loving or loathing the spread all depends on your genes. So if anyone tries to give you a hard time over your opinion, you can tell them it’s ’cause you were born this way, baby.


After studying a group of over 260 healthy men and women, they concluded that it’s all thanks to 15 nucleotide polymorphisms (whatever they are). But, that said, nothing can be solely down to genetics – the environment can also affect your tastebuds. So, even if you were predisposed to adore the yeasty spread, if you’ve had a traumatic experience with a tub, there’s no wonder you’ve learnt to hate it.

To add to the fun, the Marmite Gene Project have designed a DIY kit so you can discover whether you were born with a instinctive love or loathing for Marmite. Nothing like challenging science for the sickening price of, cough, £89.99… 


[Image: Celeste Hodges

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