15 Paw-some Reasons Why Every Londoner Needs To Borrow A Doggy!

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

15 Paw-some Reasons Why Every Londoner Needs To Borrow A Doggy!

As much as London life can often be a bundle of laughs, we all know that it has its down moments. Thankfully, we’ve discovered the PERFECT way to seriously pep up Londoners who’ve been suffering from post Northern Line depression… borrow doggies!!! BorrowMyDoggy is the site that matches doggy owners who need a helping paw, with canine lovers who have spare time. Many Londoners don’t have the money, time or means to take on a dog permanently, but you can still get the same benefits of having an adorable yapping pup if you borrow them (plus, you’re helping another Londoner out). Doggy borrowers simply create a profile, state their availability and experience with dogs and then get browsing the four-pawed friends the local area!


We borrowed a gorgeous little Chug (Chihuahua X Pug), called Milo. Yes he does have an Instagram account (@milo.the.chug) and, yes, you do need to follow him. Safe to say, he’s made it pretty obvious to us why every Londoner needs to borrow a doggy.


1. Cuddles. Obvs.


First and foremost, doggies can inject a bit of love into a Londoner’s life. Their puppy dog eyes are enough to melt away any of your commuting-related blues. Just look at that face people!


2. You have a reason to get out.


It’s not only the dog that benefits from fresh air and a bit of a runaround. Taking a long leisurely walk around your local park will do wonders to your mood (as well as the pup’s).


3. Everyone is nice to you.

Forget the theory that strangers in London don’t want to make eye contact with you. When you’ve got an adorable woofer by your side, people will not only smile at you, but they’ll actually start conversations with you. It’s a strange, but incredible experience. You’ll feel like a minor celeb, smiling down at your four-legged pal like a proud parent. Well, step-parent.


4. You (and the dog) can make new friends.

[When very little meets very large]
You’ll find it easy to bond with fellow dog-lovers and owners, which is perfect for the dogs when they need a bit of a play-date. Milo met Elvis, an adorable and gentle 80kg Bordeaux Mastif. It’s safe to say, Milo was a little on-guard…


5. You may even find a new lover…

Move over Tinder – the amount of times we got ‘chatted up’ thanks to Milo was quite overwhelming. It’s obvious that a pup is the ultimate conversation starter and wing man. If you’re single and looking for love, think about borrowing a dog the next time you’re sat mindlessly swiping left.


6. You’ll get Instagram opportunities at every moment.


Let’s be honest, we all get a little bit of gratification when we hit the 11+ mark on Instagram. And what’s going to get you more likes – another picture of you flat white or an adorable dog (and a pun)?


7. A cute dog helps you wriggle your way into exclusive events.


While we were walking through Clapham Common, Milo wanted to check out Campo Viejo’s pop up floating wine bar. Let’s just say, he won over the not-so-intimidating bouncer with absolute ease 😉


8. You get away with doing naughty things.


We’re not talking about anything seriously naughty. When you borrow a dog, it’s probably not best to try and involve them in some kind of grand scheme to break into the local butchers and carry out the first great bone robbery. But with a dog as a side-kick, you can definitely get away with a lot more.


9. For a friendly face on the tube.


A pup on the Underground lifts the whole mood of the carriage. TfL, we hope you’re listening…! Oh, and while your listening – it’s hot down there for our furry friends. Invest in some air con.


10. You’ll have responsibility of something other than yourself.


You’ll learn valuable life lessons when you borrow a dog. For example, what’s the most efficient way to pick up poop without retching…


11. The dog will show you a thing or two.


When you spend time with a pup, you realise just how remarkably clever dogs are, all with their own unique quirks, talents and behaviours. Turns out Milo TEARS IT UP on the skate ramps.


12. A dog makes the perfect pub companion.


However, they’re not massive drinkers (although doggy beer is actually a thing).


13. A doggy will help you destress after work.


Work stress getting you down? The perfect cure is a wagging tail. Milo actually helped me out with some editing (although he doesn’t look very happy about it…)


14. Pups will give you an excuse to treat yourself…


Milo felt bad that we were carrying a bag of treats around just for him. As I was a very good girl during our walk, he allowed me one treat for myself…


15. A borrowed dog is for (a part of your) life, not just for a few hours.

[Remember: Dog’s are NOT accessories… but Milo sure has some pretty good accessories.]
When Milo had to go back to his lovely owner, Christie, (*sob*) there was an empty feeling in the flat. But it’s ok, because I know I’ll definitely be borrowing him again!

Signing up to browse the four-pawed pals in your area is completely free! In order to start borrowing you need to verify your account and pay for your membership (but, for borrowers, it’s only £9.99 for the entire year, so WELL worth it!).

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