10 Types Of People You’ll Definitely See In Camden

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10 Types Of People You’ll Definitely See In Camden

Oh, Camden! Much like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. Everyone’s opinion will differ, but you cannot argue with the fact that it’s wildly diverse and bursting with character. Known for it’s alternative vibe, Camden is a top spot for tourists and locals alike. We’ve handpicked ten types of people that you are likely to see hanging around these parts…


1. The “Skinny Jeans and Infinite Layers Of Black” Goth

They wore Dr Martens before they were cool and they wear black on black even when it’s 30 degrees. They flee to Camden because it’s the only place they can feel truly at home, and they still listen to My Chemical Romance while applying their eyeliner.


2. The “Rebel Without A Cause” Punk Rocker

Chances are they’ll have a mohawk that will either be neon pink or neon green. They will only ever be hanging around with others of their kind, bonding over a mutual love of anarchy, the Ramones and safety pins.


3. The “Please Let Me Catch A Break” Musician

Maybe they’re a fully fledged rockstar, or maybe they’re just attending gigs at the Roundhouse or Electric Ballroom while they wait for their big break. Perhaps they’ve played a few gigs at a couple of pubs in the area in an attempt to make a name for themselves, and they almost definitely taught themselves how to play the guitar (none of this tutors and grades bullshit).


4. The “What Is Life Without Instagram?” Foodie

They came here for the food market and they’ll spend most of their time searching for the best natural light and taking photos from every angle. Their food will be cold by the time they’ve started eating it but they won’t mind because it’s vegan and gluten free. You’ll later find the image on Instagram with 17 lines worth of hashtags, including #healthyliving and #londonfoodie.


5. The “Is There An App For That?” Creative

Probably works at a start-up in shared office space, definitely owns at least 3 different Apple products and shuns anybody who doesn’t use Twitter. Their company will have chosen Camden for it’s “trendy” atmosphere — plus they absolutely love to hate the Northern line.


6. The “Lonely Planet Top Picks” Tourist

Somebody told them to go to Camden because they “won’t have been anywhere like it before” (not wrong there). They’ll insist on taking photos of absolutely everything, and will definitely leave with a tacky t-shirt and some incense. They’ll walk realllllllly slowly and stop at every single stall that they pass, and it’ll take them 20 minutes to decide that they don’t actually need a Cannabis lollipop.


7. The “I’ll Try Anything Once” Druggy

If you can’t smell at least the faintest hint of marijuana, then you’re probably not in the right Camden. In the Camden we know, you can’t get away from the whiff of the wacky baccy, and it certainly adds to the general allure of the place. Side note: if anyone asks you if you want to buy any then you clearly look like “the type”.


8. The “I Don’t Feel Pain Anymore” Tattoo Junkie

No guy stood with a giant sign that reads “TATTOOS THIS WAY” is going to influence this guy; he’s had his next tattoo planned for weeks and his tattooist is like a brother to him. He’s in Camden to get a Mexican sugar skull on his thigh, and he’ll probably get a nipple pierced while he’s at it.


9. The “I’m So Hipster” Millennial

You’ll know a hipster when you see one because they’ll almost certainly be wearing a Levi denim jacket — probably one they just bought from Rokit — and be shopping for Morrissey vinyls. Bonus points if they’re taking pictures with a Polaroid camera or drinking a soya latte.


10. The “I’d Only Shop At Waitrose If I Could” Yummy Mummy

You won’t spot the yummy mummies in the market area, but you will find them en masse if you head towards Primrose Hill. They will most likely be wearing expensive sportswear, chatting about quinoa and carrying a Pomeranian puppy.


Feature image: TimeOut

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