These Guys Have Over $20m To Help Turn Your Big Ideas Into A Reality

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These Guys Have Over $20m To Help Turn Your Big Ideas Into A Reality

WeWork are looking for movers, shakers, innovators and difference makers.

WeWork is offering you the opportunity to make your creative ideas a reality. Whether it’s the latest must-have app, a charity initiative, an art installation or an avocado-only pop-up, WeWork wants to hear from you (although you’re probably a little bit late to the game on that last one). They’ve got $20m to invest in powerful individuals and start-ups, so now could be your chance to turn that obscure idea that you scribbled down at 2am into more than just a fantasy.

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The UK is full of inspiring people with big ideas and lots of passion and purpose. WeWorks’s co-founder and CEO Adam Neumann says he wants “to recognise, reward and financially support the brightest new ideas and best organisations coming out of the UK.”

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The Creator Awards have already taken place in Detroit, Washington DC and Austin, and winners included an app looking to prevent food waste by giving people the opportunity to purchase prepared food before closing time at reduced prices, and a programme dedicated to Shakespeare productions in a women’s prison. Ideas range from the beautifully powerful to the beautifully bizarre: so don’t hold back.

There are various levels of award, so whether you’re after a wee leg up to help get your idea going, or you’ve totally got this but you just want to take things to the next stage, WeWork can help you to persue your dreams. Alternatively, if you have a friend/partner/parent/dog who you believe deserves the award, get nominating…

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So how do I apply?

Gather all the info you have about your idea – all those thoughtful brainstorms and late-night scribbles – and head to WeWork’s website. Here you’ll need to submit a 90-second video pitch, so put on your best smile and explain why your idea deserves a Creator Award (don’t worry, amateur webcam footage is welcomed – unless you’re pitching to become the next big video production company… that probably wouldn’t bode well).


The Creator Awards are quite literally open to anyone with an idea and a plan. Applications are due on August 24th and you can apply here.