We’ve Teamed Up With Gin Festival To Bring You The Ultimate Summer Of Gin

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What’s better than gin? More gin.

So we’ve all heard of Gin Festival (if you haven’t, how do you like it under your rock?), but why stop at tickets? We’ve partnered with the Gin Fest team to create our very own, limited edition Gin Festival in a Box.

“What’s that?”, we hear you ask.

Well, let’s just say it’s a magical hamper filled with enough gin to throw a pre-Gin Fest gin party. Within this mysterious box you’ll find; 2 tickets to Gin Festival over the August bank holiday weekend, a 70cl bottle of Tinker Gin, a 70cl bottle of Sanction Gin, a 50cl bottle of PJ Elderflower Gin, 2 Gin Festival copa glasses, 12 bottles of tonic and 2 bottles of pink lemonade. The contents of the box is worth a mighty £156.10, but we’re giving you a special discount because we rather like you…

You’ll get ALL of this (minus the hummus and the pears and stuff… soz)

Our exclusive Gin Festival in a Box is perfect for gin parties, treating yourself, treating somebody else (as long as they share it with you), summer BBQs when the sun’s shining, summer BBQs that turn into indoor oven jobs because the sun isn’t shining, or “I’m-just-watching-Love-Island-and-fancy-a-G&T” nights. Because you can always justify a gin and tonic.


Our top secret (sort of, not really) Secret London Gin Festival in a Box costs £79.99* and it will probably (not) last you the entire summer. So you don’t have to wait until the end of August to get the gin fest going, you can get the party started right now (well, in about 5 days… darned delivery time).

Get your gincredible, limited edition Gin Festival in a Box here. And, if you just fancy a trip to the Gin Festival in August, get your tickets over at Fever.

We’ve said the word ‘gin’ so many times now that it just sounds ridiculous. 


*Plus £4.89 for postage. Sorry.


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Georgie Hoole

Georgie Hoole

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