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Victory Mansion

Victory Mansion just upped the bottomless brunch game.

So, it’s blindingly obvious that London loves bottomless brunch. (Case in point: you lot went utterly bonkers when you thought the government was trying to ban it.) But now, we’ve found a spot that will change the game once more. Victory Mansion have hit upon the frankly genius idea of serving a brunch not just with bottomless booze, but with bottomless tacos, too. We’ll say that again for emphasis: bottomless tacos.

Victory Mansion
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Yes, the gods of brunch are both merciful and wise, for they have delivered unto us endless tacos. And isn’t that just the dream? Every Saturday and Sunday between 12 and 3pm, Victory Mansion will stuff your face with as many tacos as you can take, along with your choice of bottomless spritz. Although Victory Mansion actually calls them ta-kos, as they aren’t exactly traditional. These ta-kos have undergone a makeover to give them an Asian twist.

Victory Mansion
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This bit of culinary alchemy has resulted in a most intriguing lineup. Victory Mansion offers such treats as a pomegranate glazed bacon with salted duck egg relish and avocado, or smoked salmon with an apple and radish slaw. Veggies can get their gnashers around the crispy cauliflower, black bean, and tamarind ta-ko, or opt for the charred broccoli and spring onion.

Victory Mansion

This all comes with side plates of MSG fries and an Asian slaw to keep you filled. Meanwhile, bottomless glasses of fresh summer spritzes are on offer to quench your thirst. Victory Mansion also run a rather excellent list of craft beers from London breweries that might catch your eye, and the bar is open for a late drink if you’re in the Stoke Newington area.

Victory Mansion
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Victory Mansion’s ta-kos aren’t just for brunch, though. The regular menu offers an extended list of ta-kos, which are 2-for-1 between Tuesday and Friday before 7pm. There’s also a regular brunch option offering more restraint than the bottomless option. But let’s be honest, you don’t actually possess that much willpower, do you?

Victory Mansion
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Opening hours: 6-11pm (Tuesday to Sunday), and also from 12-5pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Victory Mansion is closed on Mondays.
Price: the bottomless brunch option is £35 per person. At normal times, tacos are priced at £4 each.
More information: from their website.

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