The Drool-Worthy London Restaurant Where Everything Is Soaked In Gravy • Dip & Flip

We’ve found south-west London’s saviour, and it comes in the form of gravy-soaked burgers, sarnies and fries.

Dip & Flip began changing lives back in 2013, when they first opened up shop in Battersea. Fast forward to now, and they’ve got three more restaurants in Wimbledon, Tooting and Brixton, where they continue to shower happy, open-mouthed customers in lashings of gravy.


Their menu is all about gravy-soaked, roast meat sandwiches and flat griddle smashed burgers (FLIP!), each served with extra gravy in which to dip (DIP!). The result is a meaty, carby, drool-worthy delight, which basically combines everything both wonderfully delicious and totally unhealthy all in one meal. Result. 


Choose from a classic sub, a toastie, a standard burger, or a Dip & Flip burger – each designed exactly to your taste. The options are truly endless, and so is the gravy (almost).


Alongside the mains you’ll also find a hearty list of snacks and sides. Special attention should be drawn to their chips, cheese and gravy (or poutine, if you want to impress the Canadians) – you can opt for the standard, or add bacon and chillies if you’re feeling extra spicy. There’s also a banging selection of shakes, including Baileys Cheesecake and Oreo and Kahlua – because what’s indulgence without boozy desserts that you can drink through a straw?

Honestly, if you’re not leaving this place in a coma, you’ve done it all wrong.


Dip & Flip has four locations across south-west London. Head to their website for more information and to find your nearest restaurant.

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