Usain Bolt Is Bringing His Jamaican Fast Food Chain To The UK

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Usain Bolt Is Bringing His Jamaican Fast Food Chain To The UK

Usain Bolt is bringing his Jamaican fast food chain, Tracks & Records, to the UK.

Although we were obviously pretty chuffed to win the gold medal in the IAAF World Championship Relay, our hearts broke for Usain Bolt and what became a disappointing end to his athletics career. Buuuut, following his retirement, he has decided to focus all of his remaining energy on jerk, and we’re really bloody excited.

The 8-time olympic gold medalist is hoping to launch 15 UK restaurants by 2022, and we just know that at least one of them will be in London. Bolt already has 2 restaurants in Jamaica, but since, and we quote, he “loves London so much”, it made sense for him to branch out to the UK. He hopes to totally dominate the restaurant scene, rivalling the likes of Nando’s with its typical Jamaican vibes.  

The aptly named restaurant, Tracks & Records, will have a jerk-tastic menu filled with grilled shrimp, BBQ ribs, Jamaican pork stew with rice and peas, Burgers à la Usain and plenty of Red Stripe.

It looks like we can expect to see the first franchise within the next few months, but for the moment, we’ll be waiting with bated breath… 


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