The Ultimate Dodgem Experience Is Coming To London And It’s Entirely Based On Your Personality!

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Merge Festival is back this year and it’s set to be better than ever. This annual festival in Bankside is all about showcasing art, music and performance pieces in some of London’s oldest and disused buildings.

Headlining this year’s festival is an experience like no other. Prepare to dive back into those childhood memories, reminisce on times spent in fairgrounds and even sip on colour changing cocktails whilst doing so! Drive Dead Slow is the world’s first artist designed bumper car arena and if that didn’t sound amazing enough, it’s in a disused fire station.

Who would’ve thought an old fire station in Southwark would make such a good setting for a fairground, but it sounds spectacular. After guests have had their emotional state determined by the Plutchik’s wheel, a 1960’s supercar is chosen for you and the ride begins!

No ride is quite the same, as the car has a personality of its own and is designed to react with each passenger differently. Anything that sounds this intriguing and creepy has got to be good, right?

Sound and light artists have collaborated to create complete pandemonium to mirror the experience within the car itself. Expect some breathtaking light shows as British artist Marcus Lyall is behind all of this… and he curated some stunning visuals for the Chemical Brothers and Metallica!

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Inspired by the colours of the wheel of emotion, culinary geniuses Bompas & Parr have created a cocktail using Saussure Gin that changes colour! As polarised tonic is added, your drink will change from dark blue to light pink… we bet that’s something you didn’t have at the fair as a kid. And expect evenings packed with musical delights, as Merge are running special music nights every Friday!

Drive Dead Slow runs from May 12th – June 4th and is free from 12pm-4pm and £5 from 4pm-7pm. You’ll find it at Southwark Fire Brigade, Southwark Bridge Road (Entrance on Sawyer Street), SE1 0EG.


Feature Image: Pete Favelle

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