The Best Twitter Reactions To The John Lewis Christmas Advert

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John Lewis

Spoiler alert: it went down about as well as the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree did.

Unless you live under a very large rock, you’ll know the John Lewis Christmas advert dropped today. Unlike previous years, there hasn’t immediately been a tidal wave of tears and Christmas cheer, as the UK appeared distinctly underwhelmed. As you’d expect, the good people of Twitter had something to say about it. Actually, they had quite a lot to say…

Maybe John Lewis should have lowered expectations, like this guy did:

Because the initial reaction was a little muted.

People started to wonder, was it really worth the money? (No)

Or whether the ending was a touch dark?

Not even the Moz the Monster cuddly toy escaped criticism.

That’s before the unintended side effects:

Could have been worse though. MUCH WORSE:

Quickly bored, Twitter started casting around for Moz the Monster lookalikes.

Or pointing out the similarities with a certain Pixar film.

Or turning it into a brand new film that we’d totally watch.

Some were just content to crack jokes – let’s all express our sympathy for Keef’s wife.

Wait, is this his wife?

It’s 2017. If a politics joke can be made, it will be:

Some people were grown-ups about the whole thing.

Some were not.

As bad as you thought it was, there’s always one guy who has it worse. This guy. Every year.

And he was prepared this time.

But then again, people are certainly not holding back this year…

Wow. Good luck John!

Alex Landon

Alex Landon

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