Photos: Baby Trump Blimp Finally Flies Over London As Trump Visits UK

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Trump Blimp London England

The controversial, but admittedly quite amusing, Trump Baby Blimp took to the skies over Westminster this morning.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign and recently secured permission from the authorities, protesters sent the bulbous, orange, tiny-handed balloon floating over Parliament Square.

Preparing for inflation:

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Looming above photographers:

Trump Blimp London
Photo: thomasdmatthews

Gaining some altitude:

Trump Blimp London England
Photo: stephenferdinando

Orange rising:

Trump Baby 2018
Photo: stephenferdinando

Up in the big blue:

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In an op-ed in the Evening Standard, Mayor of London  Sadiq Khan said: ‘I fully respect the right to protest peacefully, and I understand that this can take different forms, from street protests to flying blimps. My message to those travelling to march in London is this: you are welcome to come to our capital, but this must be a peaceful and good-spirited demonstration.’

A simple message:

Trump Is A Cunt

Overlooked by Churchill:

Trump Churchill London 2018
Photo: quayran

Grabbed by Mandela:

The final blimp flight wasn’t permitted to reach the dizzying heights originally planned for, but it was still pretty captivating anyway.


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Quite the design, isn’t it?

Trump Balloon London Protest 2018
Photo: seanroberts7

Scary stuff.

Inflatable Trump Tiny Hands
PhotoL seanroberts7

Thousands of protesters are expected to march in London against Trump’s visit to the UK, today and on Saturday.

Trump distance london balloon
Photo: pjtien

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