Crack Codes In Exchange For Cocktails At This Secret Underground Bar

Abbie Moujaes Abbie Moujaes

Crack Codes In Exchange For Cocktails At This Secret Underground Bar

Why bother ordering at the bar when you can input personality data into a cipher machine instead? That’s right, London’s latest immersive cocktail experience, The Bletchley, will do the choosing for you. By heading back in time to a secret war room in World War Two (West) London, you can uncover your personal scent and colour choices before transmitting a unique code to the back office of the bar via radio. From this code, expert mixologists (and spymasters) will then create your ultimate bespoke drink. 


The Bletchley experience is the brain-child of the pop-up intelligentsia at Lollipop, creators of the Breaking Bad cocktail bar and the naked restaurant. Inspired by Alan Turing and his team of cryptographers, who broke the Nazi’s enigma code during World War Two at Bletchley Park, at this bar you can relive one of Britain’s most celebrated historical achievements. Just with an extra bit of (Blitz) spirits…

The Bletchley is in a secret location in West London and costs £30 per person. During your escapade you shall enjoy three bespoke cocktails as well as a large amount of smug ‘ammo’ when you take the recipes home in a top secret envelope. FYI, recipes are never duplicated or remade. Book your spot now via Fever.

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