There’s Going To Be A Giant Rave In Brixton Tomorrow Morning

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There’s Going To Be A Giant Rave In Brixton Tomorrow Morning

We’re not talking about the sort of ‘dusk-til-dawn’ rave attended by drunk and dishevelled party-goers all dressed in neon, necking back Jagerbombs just to stay awake. No, no, this one starts at 7am sharp and there will be no herbal liquor nor Redbull in sight.

This isn’t the after-party, it’s the pre-party. Tomorrow morning, Thursday 1 June, Brixton Rooftop is hosting an entirely booze-free rave, with a focus on healthy energy and good times (the kind that you’ll actually remember). Morning Gloryville have been throwing their legendary breakfast raves for four years now, and previous events have seen surprise acts such as Fatboy Slim and Basement Jaxx take the stage.

Besides the dance floor, there’ll also be a superfood smoothie bar, yoga sessions and ‘wake-up’ massage stations to guarantee the best possible start to your day.

[Fatboy Slim | Morning Gloryville]
Believe it or not, Morning Gloryville is more than just a bizarre novelty to help mix up your morning routine, it’s also a powerful movement. The Gloryville Effect is all about “positive action when the world needs it most” and the events help to raise funds for refugee camps, divided communities and poverty stricken areas.

Unfortunately tomorrow morning’s event at Brixton Rooftop has sold out, but they’re hosting plenty more breakfast-time parties throughout the summer, including a sunrise rave at the Shard. Find out more about their Morning Raves and get your tickets here.


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