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There Is A Festival Dedicated Entirely To BBQ Ribs Coming To London

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There Is A Festival Dedicated Entirely To BBQ Ribs Coming To London

Rib Fest 2016 arrives in London this March. Bringing with it a 108-inch smoker, and inviting top barbecue chefs and pitmasters from London and the US down for one-day residencies, accompanied by alfresco live music (it’s an outpost of The Blues Kitchen) and a festival atmosphere, it’s going to be one hell of a festival! Following the popularity of East London’s Ribstock event and much smaller celebrations of the rib at other Blues Kitchen branches, it’s Brixton’s turn to take the lead on this one. From Monday March 28th-Thursday 31st, various king’s of the grill are going to be cooking up a storm.

Smokers include food legend The Rib Man (see above) on Tuesday 29 offering his signature baby-back ribs doused in his Holy Fuck or Christ on a Bike sauces – his words, not ours – and Brad McDonald of Shotgun BBQ in Soho who will smoke beef ribs over oak for 16 hours, as is traditional in Memphis, and serve them with dill pickle slices and onions. Mac ‘n’ cheese, collard greens, pickles and Alabama white barbecue sauce is what Home Team BBQ will be serving their Carolina-style St. Louis pork ribs with, which have been smoked over hardwood for 12 hours. Yep, our mouths are watering too…

There will also be a live butchery sessions from Blues Kitchen chef Niall Davidson as a finale…we’d maybe recommend eating the ribs before you watch this!

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