Tasty Pastry! The 4 Best Mince Pies In London To Try This Christmas

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Aside from tinsel, trees and Santa…mince pies are a staple part of Christmas, without which the holiday season would just be sad, empty and falling apart (rather like our attempt at homemade mince pies come to think of it…) Therefore, knowing where to find the best mince pies in London is an absolute necessity. A fundamental must. Sooooo, as an early Christmas present to you (and because we started munching on them as soon as they arrived in October and so have become quite the connoisseurs…) we’ve compiled a list of the bestest, tastiest, YUMMIEST ones in London. Obviously you’ll have to try them all – just to check we were right, of course.


1. Konditor and Cook

[A Blog Voyage]
Putting even our own mother’s to shame, Konditor and Cook undoubtedly have some of the best mince pies to have ever graced the surface of the culinary world.  With locations all over London, there is no excuse (and no reason) not to experience the perfect pastry made with organic free-range eggs and natural butter, (‘Konditor’ means pastry chef in German, you know…) balanced with a mouth-watering filling that would knock the socks off Santa Claus himself if he got even a whiff.

Borough Market, 10 Stoney Street, SE1 9AD or various locations.


2. Brompton Food Market

[Brompton Food Market]
Brompton Food Market is a food shop in the heart of South Kensington, and harks back to a bygone age when customers had time to browse, to handle the produce and interact with the shopkeeper. Owned and run by David Turcan and Luke Mackay with over 120 suppliers, from tiny cottage industries making gourmet marshmallows to Edinburgh’s finest haggis maker, it’s unsurprising that the mince pies on sale at this beautiful shop are some of the best in the city! Giant, with huge pieces of spiced fruit, perfect, thick, buttery pastry (with a thin lid), and a heavy dusting of icing sugar. And boozey. Oh so boozey (thanks to the plentiful addition of brandy and amaretto).

33 Thurloe Place, SW7 2HQ


3. Bea’s of Bloomsbury

How very controversial Bloomsbury…no lid ey? Interesting…verrrry interesting. Well, lucky for you, these are some of the tastiest pies we’ve tried, proving that sometimes less can in fact be more. And don’t worry, they don’t need a hat to keep warm. The citrusy, yummy rummy fruit is wrapped up and warm, jacketed in a layer of delicious short-crust pastry. We wouldn’t mind that keeping us warm either…although tasting like that, it certainly wouldn’t be doing its job for long…

Various locations


4. Bread Ahead Bakery

Located in Borough Market, there is no surprise that Bread Ahead’s mince pies are of top-notch quality without the pretentiousness that follows. With mulled wine stalls at hand nearby, heading down for a Saturday stroll may well turn into a fully-blown festive treat! Renowned for their tasty breads and pastries, Bread Ahead puts Mr Kipling to shame…but see for yourself! No use taking our word for it…


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