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When it comes to delicious baking, the only proper direction is Bread Ahead.

The list of cult London dishes is short, but exclusive; a sought-after plate that inspires a feverish devotion, and a willingness to queue for hours to get your chops around one. Think Dishoom’s bacon naan, a plate of Padella‘s pasta, or Barge House’s breakfast in bread, and you’ll have some idea of the hype we’re talking about. Add Bread Ahead‘s revered doughnuts to that list, a doyen of the baked goods world that’s often sold out across town before the clock strikes midday. (No matter how quickly they’re made, which, as you can see from our recent YouTube video, isn’t all that easy!)

Getting your hands on a Bread Ahead doughnut is, admittedly, something of a quest. They’ve got six locations around town, but those doughnuts tend to disappear rather quickly. Amongst the greatest joys you can have on a Saturday morning is popping along to their original home in Borough Market (pitching up before the crowds arrive), nabbing a doughnut that’s almost overflowing with cream, and munching it leisurely whilst wandering around the market.

Bread Ahead
Photo: @ks_ate_here

Speaking of foodie temples, Bread Ahead also operate an outpost in Soho’s Kingly Court, a worthy second port of call for doughnuts. Of course, if you should find yourself unable to lay your hands on those doughnuts, there’s plenty of excellent produce to keep you well fed. Sourdough is another Bread Ahead speciality, and you can’t overlook the mouthwatering cheese and olive sticks for snacking.

Bread Ahead
Photo: @food4noob

It’s all rather heavenly, with enough doughy delights to keep you stuffed – and there’s even better news up in Wembley, where Bread Ahead have a massive branch, which includes a restaurant, bakery, wholesalers, and classrooms to teach the next generation of bakers. The restaurant in particular is noteworthy, expanding Bread Ahead’s repertoire to include rotisserie, pizza, and sandwiches.

Bread Ahead
Photo: @breadaheadbakery

So, since today happens to be doughnut day across the world (June 4), why not treat yourself to gorging on a box of the best ones in town?

Find them in Borough Market (Cathedral Street, SE1 9DE), Chelsea (249 Pavilion Road, Chelsea, SW1X 0BP), Soho (21 Beak Street, W1F 9RR), Wembley (Olympic Way, HA9 0FU), Hampstead (70 Hampstead High Street, Hampstead,NW3 1QE), and Queen’s Park (25 Lonsdale Road, Queen’s Park, NW6 6RD). More info available on their website.

Featured image: @breadaheadbakery

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