Sail Down The Thames On A Big Old Ship Like A Badass Pirate Queen

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Sail Down The Thames On A Big Old Ship Like A Badass Pirate Queen

The famous Tall Ships Festival will cruise along the Thames this July, bringing you exclusive floating brunches, sightseeing tours and firework displays.

If you thought the Tall Ships Festival would involve a lot of tall ships – CORRECTAMUNDO! And you’ll be able to set sail on any one of the 30 participating vessels for five days next month: Wednesday, July 4 ’til Sunday, July 8.

It’s your chance to live your scurviest sea dog life in the very heart of London. Best of all, there are trips to suit all price points, whether you’re drowning in dubloons – or decidedly lacking in pieces of eight. From least- to most-spendy:

1) The Sightseeing Cruise

Tall Ships Events

This ninety-minute sailing adventure departs from the O2, and your very own Tall Ship will take in the sights of Maritime Greenwich, the Cutty Sark, the Thames Barrier and Canary Wharf. There are two sailings a day, and tickets, from just £15, are available here.

2) The Fireworks Cruise

Tall Ships Fireworks

How cool is this? Setting off from the same location around 8.30pm each night, your ticket will get you a place on a flotilla of 30 tall ships, which will sail east to the Thames Barrier to enjoy a riveting fireworks display! Tickets are just £19 for this one-of-a-kind experience.

3) The Day Cruise

Tall Ships Thames 2018

A lengthier journey, setting sail from Woolwich Arsenal, takes place over up to 2.5 hours, and this one comes with snacks and grog! Chicken Yakitori and mini-pizzas are on the menu, along with sweet treats like Dutch waffles, brownies and pretzels, and a cash bar is available too. Tickets for this one – £67.40 for adults, with discounts for students and children – are available here.


4) The VIP Evening Cruise

Tall Ships Festival London

This luxury journey takes place over up to 4.5 hours. Not only will you journey all the way west to Tower Bridge and back, enjoying a buffet dinner along the way, you’ll also join the rest of your armada for the aforementioned fireworks display – the best of all worlds. Tickets for adults are £158 and available here.

5) The VIP Brunch Cruise

Tall Ships Festival Brunch


This super-exclusive Sunday sailing lasts four whole hours and offers two distinguishing features: one, the most unmissable meal of any millennial’s day, and two, the opportunity to sail through Tower Bridge as it lifts up especially for you. Could anything make you feel more special? Doubtful. Maybe a bit of strafing cannon fire, but unfortunately, that’s not included. Tickets, at £162.40, are available here.

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