Take A Sneaky Peek At London’s First Cheese Bar This Thursday!

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Take A Sneaky Peek At London’s First Cheese Bar This Thursday!

You may remember us telling you about London’s first Cheese Bar opening at the end of the month. How could you forget such brie-lliant news?

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To celebrate their imminent launch, they’re teasing us with a little takeaway hatch and offering us Londoners the opportunity to upgrade our lunches. ‘What does that mean?‘ we hear you ask. Well, for one day only, The Cheese Bar is teaming up with local Camden charities to give Londoners the opportunity to swap their shop-bought sandwiches for one of their signature grilled cheese sandwiches. At the end of the day on Thursday, the charities will collect the donated shop sandwiches and send them off to various soup and street kitchens across the local area.

Once this one day sandwich amnesty is over, The Cheese Bar will reopen its takeaway hatch between the 4th and 22nd of March, serving up selected items from their menu… until the eagerly awaited grand opening on the 23rd.

The sandwich upgrade will run from 12pm on Thursday 2 March, for one day only. To claim the upgrade, the shop-bought sandwiches must be unopened, and have at least a day left before they expire. So, now you’re up to date with all the Ts & Cs, head to Camden Market’s North Yard on Thursday for edam good lunch! 


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