Sweet Heavens! The Official Cronut® Is FINALLY Coming To London

You may recall that way back in January, we told you that Dominique Ansel, the inventor of the doughnut-meets-croissant sensation that drove New Yorkers wild, was planning to open up a bakery in London this year. Well since then, we’ve spent the past nine months salivating over the Instagram page and having Cronut® related dreams about finally being able to bite into that delicious stuffed, sweet, moist dough. Yeah we went there with moist. And we’ll say it again. Moist. Squirming yet?

And now, hungry Londoners, it’s time to prepare your tummies for the ultimate sugar rush, because the pastry chef has finally set the date for the opening of the new cafe, which is coming to Elizabeth Street in Victoria on 30th September. The cafe is set to open at 8am, however, we expect MASSSSIVE queues for this craze-inducing bakery – so get there early and be prepared to wait.

There will be some extra special items on the Dominique Ansel Bakery London menu, including Welsh Rarebit Croissants, Frozen S’mores and experiments involving paella pans and banoffee. Yes, we’ll obviously have the Cronut®, but the bakery is about so much s’more than that. And, although our waistlines can probably wait, our mouths can’t!!


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