This Is Where To Visit In Soho For The Perfect Dinner And Drinks Combo

Georgie Darling Georgie Darling

This Is Where To Visit In Soho For The Perfect Dinner And Drinks Combo

As the busiest square mile in the whole of London, you could say that Soho definitely has its fair share of restaurants.

And it’s true – you can’t wander more than a few metres in any direction without bumping into some kind of food or drink stall. But with so many different options, it can be impossible to pick the perfect from the passable or the incredible to the…I’d rather not. And it’s even trickier to find a good restaurant that also serves excellent drinks, like the Gordon’s and tonic as an aperitif or the irreplaceable Baileys to finish off the evening.

So, the Secret London team have done the hard work and have found two delectable spots for your pre-dinner drink and your post-dinner drink. And, because time is money and we’re lacking both in the city, these two spots are walkable from each other and will supply a delicious Gordon’s gin and tonic to start with as well as your food for the evening and a Baileys and dessert to finish. What more could you want?

First up, head to Cahoots down Kingly Street to be taken back in time to the 1940s. Walk through the makeshift tube station entrance, make yourself comfy in one of the plush, oversized booths and order a Gordon’s gin & tonic.


Cahoots is known for being oh-so traditional when it comes to everything from the table decor, to the throwback-style menus and the vintage newspapers placed on the tables. So from the moment you enter, until the moment when you leave for dinner, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back around 80 years. A drink that was enjoyed as much in the 1940’s as it is now, go for a classic Gordon’s and tonic while you take in the surroundings (and grab a couple of pictures while you’re there, too).


Before you leave, make sure to take in the reminiscent swing music, admire the dainty tea cups dotted around and try and count as many era-inspired findings as you can. If you’re peckish, try some of Cahoot’s “rations” like a traditional sausage roll, or snack on breadsticks and olives.

So by now, you’re probably getting hungry! From Cahoots, walk five minutes up the road towards Oxford Street and you’ll find yourself outside Blanchette. Fancy by name and fancy by nature, it’s one of our top spots for dinner and, of course, dessert, too! We’d recommend anything on the menu (the passion-fruit vacherin, made up of meringue and fresh, zingy flavours, is definitely a winner), but the decadent Chocolate Pot goes especially well with a delicious Bailey’s on ice.


Blanchette specialises in French cuisine and everything is as fancy and delicious as you’d expect. Set in a cosy, ski-chalet-vibes setting, you’ll be able to feast upon delicious hearty dishes to keep everyone happy. On the menu, you’ll find the likes of Duck Rillettes with Smoked Quince cheese, Monkfish with Roasted Pumpkin and Truffle and Crispy Braised Longhorn Beef with Parsnip Purée. And you’ll find further signs of its authentic French heritage by peering at the cheese and charcuterie menus – you certainly won’t be leaving hungry! Dig in until your heart’s content – but make sure to save space for pudding.


It’s the type of restaurant where you’ll almost definitely want to relax afterwards without rushing off. We’d recommend savouring the delights of Blanchette by ordering a Baileys, the ultimate adult treat, perfectly complemented by only the finest flavours on the menu. Whether you go for the passion fruit or prefer something sweet, an indulgent Baileys is the ultimate post-dinner pairing. 

And, once you’re suitably fed and watered, why not explore the rest that Soho has to offer? Take a trip to the karaoke hideaway masquerading as a laundrette, gaze at Carnaby Street’s neon-lit tribute to Queen or just wander around the rest that this corner of the city has to offer!