Food Delivery Robots Will Soon Take To London’s Streets…

Annabel Usher Annabel Usher

Food Delivery Robots Will Soon Take To London’s Streets…

Robots. Food. Is this amazing or have we reached a whole new level of laziness? Either way, the take-away delivery service Just Eat has been building an army of self-driving mini-bots that use GPS navigation, cameras and sensors to deliver food to Londoner’s doors. These little robots travel at a speedy 4mph and… wait what?… sorry – these little robots travel at a modest 4mph which is kinda fitting considering they sort of look like tortoises anyway (if you use your imagination a little). Hopefully there’s a heater inside these little guys considering their slow speed – no one likes a cold korma.

These bots are censor controlled and send alerts to a control room if lifted off the ground to prevent thieves – we doubt however that this will stop startled Londoners booting one into the Thames at an attempt of stopping a Robot invasion.

If you’re worried about someone pinching your chips as they travel on the back of this tortoise – I mean robot! – the robots will be locked and need a code (given to the customer upon order) to access the treasures inside. An additional win for the customer – this new method of delivery will be a lot cheaper than usual delivery costing £1 across a 3 mile radius – pretty sweet!

We’d like to welcome our robot overlords and wish them luck as they weave their way through busy London and join the hectic commute.


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