What Is Next To Succumb To The Rainbow Food Craze…?!

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What Is Next To Succumb To The Rainbow Food Craze…?!

So do you wanna shit rainbows and sparkles? We can help you! “How” you ask? Well with bagels and toasted sandwiches of course! We live in a crazy time. Donald Trump is running for president. You can download a contraception app instead of taking a pill. And now you can totally eat rainbows. How great/weird is that? The rainbow food phenomenon is taking the world by storm. Londoners were skeptical at first – probably because we’re a bunch of miserable, moany f*ckers and rainbows are way too jolly for us but we’re slowly warming up to the idea that food can in fact be bright, colourful, fun and enjoyable at the same time.



First to arrive in London was New Yorks signature Rainbow Bagel created by Scot Rossillo

[Business Insider]
These can be found at the famous yellow fronted “Beigel Shop” in Brick Lane. They’re extremely popular with tourists and locals alike. I mean everyone can successfully Instagram a rainbow bagel can’t they? We would advise eating these with a sweet topping such as Nutella or peanut butter as opposed to savoury because the colouring used to make the bagels look so psychedelically lush has a teeny tiny bit of sweet flavouring that shines through.


Cheese Toasties


The ultimate in rainbowliciousness comes in the form of a “Made in China” rainbow grilled cheese sarnie. Yep, these treats to the eyes and mouth, originally created and served on the streets of Hong Kong, were attempted and perfected right here in London at Grill My Cheese. Situated at Leather Lane Market in Farringdon, they served these beauties in celebration of their third birthday on the 12th May. They were so popular that they have promised to make them more of a regular thing in the near future so watch this space. While you wait, go try their famous “Baby got Mac” mac & cheese grilled cheese zaam…I dare you to come up with a better “Thirsty Thursday” hangover cure. Impossible.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 17.07.42

You might not find a pot of gold at the end of your meal but it’s definitely going to put such a massive smile on your face that people might THINK you’ve just struck it lucky. Same, same but different.


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