Our Queen At 90: Viewers Spot Hilarious Cushion In Liz’s Living Room

The ITV documentary which marks Queen’s Elizabeth II’s birthday –  Our Queen At 90 – aired in March and is set to roll again on ITV3 Sunday 12th June, to mark Liz’s official birthday weekend. The programme shows unseen footage of our monarch and gives us an insightful glimpse into her life behind closed doors. There was one humorous detail that eagle-eyed viewers were quick to share on social media.


A brief shot of the inside of Balmoral Castle revealed that the Queen owns a cushion stating “It’s good to be Queen.”This comical decorative touch revealed a wickedly funny side to Liz that Brits don’t often get to see. 


For those of us that have been enjoying the extended pub opening hours, we’ve obviously got the Queen to thank for that. So let’s raise a glass for our witty monarch!

Featured image credit: Good Housekeeping

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