You Can Try A Peaky Blinders-Inspired Dining Experience In London

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You Can Try A Peaky Blinders-Inspired Dining Experience In London

An immersive experience inspired by Peaky Blinders is hitting a top secret London location.

After two extremely successful pilot events in April, the immersive experience is back for a longer run over summer 2018. Tickets are absolutely flying – no surprise, perhaps, after Peaky Blinders’ big success at the BAFTAs earlier this year. The event will flaunt all the same opulence and accents as the show – the only difference is that you can now get involved and experience it first hand (without the trip to Biiiiiirming’um).

Named Feasty Blinders, the event is set in an imaginary time after the series, where The Shelby Family have teamed up with notorious Camden-hardman Alfie Solomons, and are finally taking over the famous Eden Club in London.


The evening will play out the opening night of the club, where guests are strictly exclusive and the location remains a secret until the week of the event. (Just their way of keeping out the enemies and avoiding trouble, y’know.)

By order of the Peaky Blinders, you will get merry and have a jolly good time.


Tickets are limited: if you’re lucky enough to get in, you’ll be treated to a three-course meal, immersive theatre and entertainment, as well as a complimentary cocktail reception. Tickets start at £49, with shows scheduled throughout June and July, and include everything listed above.

Get your tickets here.

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