The Wild ‘Party Skills For The End Of The World’ Is Coming To London

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

Party Skills For The End Of The World

Prepare for an apocalypse wow as this immersive, end-of-days fiesta comes to London.

Party Skills For The End Of The World delighted audiences at Manchester International Festival this summer. It’s a trippy, immersive, sort-of-theatrical production that purports to train punters in how best to survive and thrive in a post-apocalyptic future.

The whole experience has been devised and produced by Shunt’s Nigel Barrett and Louise Mari, along with artist Abigail Conway, who describe it thusly…

As turmoil and uncertainty sweep the world, you’ll learn the essential skills you’ll need to survive and savour life when everything you’ve taken for granted has gone – from starting a fire and making balloon animals to mixing the perfect Martini and skinning a rabbit.

With the collapse of civilisation close at hand, it’s time to look at all the good things in life and the fear that stops us enjoying them. This wild, immersive show will teach you how to get by when the end finally comes and it’s time to celebrate everything that’s made life worth living…

It’s a bit of a hoot.

In February 2018, Party Skills will be taking over a space at Shoreditch Town Hall, which you might remember as the home of Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales…

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They describe it as: ‘Perfect for people who don’t really like theatre and an unusual theatrical experience for those who do.’ Tickets are on sale now for £15 – £25 – get them from their website. You too can be the nightlife impresario of our upcoming nuclear winter!

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