Oh Darling! Buckingham Palace Is Getting A Fancy New Makeover

Buckingham Palace, also known as Chez Queeny, is about to undergo a 10-year refurbishment with the work beginning in April 2017. Apparently, the Palace needs a bit of loving care to fix up it’s creaky pipes, age-old cables and busted boilers – doesn’t sound too different from your own place does it really? The refurb will cost a painfully impressive £369 million and luckily for her Majesty she won’t have to move out during the building work. I have to say I can’t quite imagine her going in on a flat share in East London whilst she waits for the Palace to be finished… but we’d definitely like to see how she would handle Shoreditch! We’re excited to see the grand Palace looking even grander after it’s decade long refurb!


Feature Image: [flickr: Jimmy Harris]

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