We Are Obliged To Inform You That Pink Gin Exists

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons


Gordon’s have taken the popular yet heretofore drearily colourless spirit and turned it playfully, perfectly #pink.

It’s imbued, they tell us, with the natural sweetness of raspberries and strawberries, plus the tang of redcurrant, and more importantly it’s somehow a mere thirteen quid from Tescos – if you can find a store that still stocks it, that is.

It also mixes well with prosecco, Gordon’s insist, in a delightfully unsubtle attempt to hit as many millennial trends at once. (I bet it’s the perfect accompaniment to avocado-on-toast too!)

If your local supermarket is sadly lacking in the stuff, worry not – you can buy it from Tesco online. Alternatively, we’ve found you four alternative blushing bottles for your cocktail cabinet…

Pink Gin brands

Edgerton Pink Gin is distilled right here in London. The pink comes from pomegranate extract – it also includes damiana, which is, they claim, a fragrant, herby aphrodisiac. Get it on 32Dover for £24.25.

Pinkster Gin is steeped in fresh raspberries! Splendid. Order it from pinkstergin.com for £35.

The Bitter Truth Pink Gin is a mix of gin and aromatic bitters. The distillers insist that ‘this is not just a common gin with a fake tan; it’s a sophisticated metrosexual in a salmon jumper.’ I’m not sure that’s more appealing to be honest, but never mind. Buy it from thedrinkshop.com for £36.60.

And finally, Pink Rives is macerated with strawberries from southern Spain to give it a juicy puce hue and frisky, fruity flavour. Grab one from amathusdrinks.com for £26.00.

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