The ‘Lying’ Leave Campaign Bus Is Back… But It’s Looking A Little Different

It’s been a busy few weeks for many following the Brexit result but none more so than the Leave Campaign Bus Of Lies or LCBOL (as it should now be known).

During the campaign the bus was used to drive round Boris Johnson and more #Brexiters in which lots of serious political campaigning took place. You know – such as Boris waving his Cornish pasty around outside the bus window (no this it not a euphemism).

Anyway, after the (in some’s *cough-ours-cough* opinions) drastically f*cked up brexit result the question came as to what would happen to dear old LCBOL.

Welllllllllll, firstly, in a bizarre twist of fate old busey was quickly stripped of her branding just in time to become Will Young’s Glasto tour bus prompting the inevitable yet hilarious ‘think Will better leave right now’ jokes. Classic banter Britain.

After the festival things went a little quiet for the LCBOL until last night….

… in the dead of night… the wind was howling… the moon was peaking through the otherwise pitch black sky… it was a cold and frigid night (okay so maybe it was actually pretty hot and sweaty and not that dramatic a night but we’re doing a thing here)… what should appear but ……


Yeah okay we’ll stop now.

Anyway, so it turns out that environmental charity Greenpeace in fact acquired the LCBOL and has re-branded it replacing the lies with the slogan ‘Time for Truth #comeclean’ as well as thousands of messages for the new government. Greenpeace have parked the bus outside Westminster in a stunt to get parliaments attention in a plea for them to answer some questions people seem to have following the referendum result.


We hope this stunt will prompt government and the new PM Theresa May to address the concerns of the people.


Feature Image: [telegraph]

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