Naked Grouse Are Giving Us A Glimpse Into The Future With A Series Of Epic Cocktail Events

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Naked Grouse Are Giving Us A Glimpse Into The Future With A Series Of Epic Cocktail Events

Naked Grouse are jumping way ahead of the curve and working with London bartenders to predict the cocktails of the future.

Naked Grouse don’t believe in looking backwards; they’d rather focus their energy on throwing tradition out the window and disrupting the norm. That’s why they’re ignoring the way they “should” do things, and working alongside some of London’s best bars to create a selection of cutting-edge cocktails that represent the next generation of whisky drinking.


In a series of twelve events, AKA the #12nightsofthefuture, Naked Grouse are teaming up with some of the best bartenders in the business, at some of the best bars in London, and asking them to shake things up (quite literally) and show us what their take on the future is… in liquid form.


A few bars have already had a go at making their futuristic cocktails, and they’ve concocted some seriously impressive serves. Four Sisters Townhouse decided to design a three course cocktail menu, including a ‘strawberries and cream’ dessert made with Naked Grouse, homemade strawberry sorbet and clotted cream. (Welcome to the future, folks: a time where straws are quickly disappearing and cocktails are now consumed with a spoon.)


Demon, Wise & Partners took a different approach and explored the idea that, in the future, whisky serves will be much more accessible. With that in mind, they created three drinks, each of which were pre-batched in bottles, coffee cups and hip flasks. Their Dark Brew cocktail was effectively an alcoholic iced coffee – poured over ice and served in a takeaway cup. Meanwhile, the wildly popular Naked Grouse and Apple Spiced Tonic proved that gin and tonic are no longer in a monogamous relationship.


Head down to one of Naked Grouse’s exclusive events yourselves, and be inspired by whisky’s remarkable potential. Scotch fan or not, you may discover a new-found love – after all, Naked Grouse don’t do things the same way as the rest of them.


The next event, happening on 24th July, will delve into different flavours and ingredients from all around the world. Hush recognised that, in the past, whisky could only be made in certain areas (i.e. wherever the natural resources were available), so they decided to make an exception to Naked Grouse’s rule, and looked backwards in order to move forwards. They’re now planning to showcase a selection of cocktails that build a bridge between traditional and emerging areas for sourcing whisky ingredients.

Other upcoming events include a Night of the Future at Callooh Callay, who predict that we’ll all be drinking whisky highballs in years to come. Their exclusive menu will include a range of unique ingredients and processes, including fig-leaf infused Naked Grouse and homemade cranberry Kombucha.

Nights of the Future will take place on the following dates at the following venues, each with a magnificently innovative cocktail (or two, or three) to try:

24th July – Hush, Mayfair

30th July – Callooh Callay, Shoreditch

4th August – TT Liquor, Shoreditch

9th August – Rumpus Room, South Bank

14th August – Cocktail Trading Co. (ft. Kelvingrove Cafe from Glasgow), Brick Lane

16th August – High Water, Stoke Newington

19th August – Clarendon Cocktail Cellar, Pimlico

24th August – Looking Glass Cocktail Club, Shoreditch 

More events coming up in September…

The events aren’t ticketed, so it’s just a case of getting it in your diaries and turning up on the night(s). And hey, you know the drill – please drink responsibly.

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