A Mysterious White Rabbit Keeps Appearing In West London

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A Mysterious White Rabbit Keeps Appearing In West London

On the first of each month, a chap in a rabbit costume makes a morning appearance in the same spot in west London. Sitting on a wall near Barnes Bridge, the white rabbit waves at commuters as they drive past on their way to work. This month marks a year since his first visit, and we can’t decide whether it’s charming or just downright terrifying.

The white rabbit has become quite the mystery and, as always, the internet has an opinion. We had a peek at his Facebook profile (can anyone/anything avoid the grasp of Facebook these days?) to find out a little more about him. He claims to be “spreading unconditional love” but also explains that “the philosophy of white rabbit is just to be present, nothing else other than being”. Being pretty scary, that is.

[Just as we thought this whole thing couldn’t get any scarier…]
And he doesn’t just wait around for the first day of the month; the white rabbit has been to the royal wedding, campaigned at the Tate and, according to his Facebook profile picture, he’s also spent some time in Paris. Ooh la la!

As it turns out, the man behind the costume is a bloke called Spike McLarrity (a name like that should be in a children’s book) who claims to be a performance artist with an incredibly bizarre alter ago. He means well though, and it’s impossible to argue with the message he is trying to get across…

It’s just a shame that, however hard he tries, a six foot tall white rabbit sitting on the side of the road at 8am is always going to be a little bit terrifying.


Feature image: Facebook / I AM White Rabbit

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