A ‘Luxury’ McDonalds Is Coming To London For Classy Nugz Addicts

McDonalds Luxury

Garçon! 20 nugs et un choccie milkshake, s’il vous plait!

MaccyD’s are taking a few tips from their Michelin-starred neighbours in Kensington with a ‘luxury’ one-day opening later this month. Exciting news for sophisticated fast-food addicts everywhere!

Luxury McDonalds
Photo: Annie Spratt

This ain’t yer typical post-pub shame-meal, oh no. This new spot is strictly reservation-only and will host a string quartet to add romance to your meal. Waiters will provide guests with table service, while velvet curtains and silver cutlery class things up yet further.

String quartet
Photo: Larisa Birta

It’s all, to be real, a bit of a PR stunt to promote their new ‘Signature’ burgers, i.e: the more palatable menu item, designed to the Byrons and Five Guys of this world. It all happens on Wednesday, August 15, and if you want to be a part of the heavily branded action, you can apply here. Meet you under les arches dorées!

For something a little tastier, try one the best burgers in London.

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