8 Sexy Street Food Meals In London That Are Better Than A Girlfriend

Perhaps the best benefit of being single is not having to share your food with anyone. This is even more important when it comes to London street food as who wants to share these delicious treats?! Here is some of the best street food London has to offer and we promise you that a meal for one at any of these places will cost you less than a date night with the GF.


1. Crabbieshack

Get crabs in your bun and not in your trousers with this girlfriend-free delicious seafood street treat. Old bay battered soft shell crab burgers served with the toppings of your choice including pickled cucumbers, chilli and wasabi mayonnaise or pomegranate, harrisa, red onion, coriander and red cabbage are just two of the many options you’ll have to deliberate between. If you’re feeling extra ~fancy~ then go for the lobster roll with anise butter and thousand island dressing.

Multiple locations


2. Jerusalem Falafel


If you’re working on your summer bod this might be a good choice for you. Established in 2011 this vegan food stall combines more than 20 vegetables, herbs and spices in order to create these delicious and crispy falafels.

Berwick Street Market, Soho


3. Freebird Burritos

Create your own Mexican meal with this ever expanding street food stand. Choose between burritos, tacos, fajitas or salads and then pimp it out with your selection of meats or vegetables, hot or mild salsa, guacamole, cheese and sour-cream. We assure you the warm tortilla will wrap you up warmer than any girl ever could!


4. Bleecker Street Burger

 Simplicity is key here with a variation of three items on the menu: Burgers, fries and shakes. Bringing a taste of the New York burger to the food markets of London Bleecker Street isn’t just one of the best street burgers, but one of the best burgers anywhere in the city. With classic bacon cheeseburgers to black pudding burgers we’re sure this juicy delight will keep you satisfied. If you fancy something a little saucier we recommend the angry fries which will soon have things heated up!

Multiple locations


5. Pilau Pot

This Indian themed street food truck offers up a selection of cooked meats, salads, chutneys, sauces and pilau rice all served on a warm naan bread. The vibrant flavours and massive portions prove to be great value for money and certainly cheaper than wining and dining your non-existent girlfriend.

Multiple locations


6. Kooky Bakes

When you’re craving something a little sweeter Kooky Bakes will not disappoint. They’ll spoil you for choice with their mouth-watering cupcakes, cake pops, dosants (because cronuts are too mainstream), brownies and more. The peanutbutter cup fudge brownie is a crowd favourite and we recommend giving the triple layered slutty brownie a try also. (No sluts included).

Multiple locations 


7. Hot Box

A carnivore’s heaven, meat is most definitely on the menu at this stop. The hot box classic ‘swine bun’ consists of pulled pork served in a potato bun with sausage, sauces and a whole lot of succulency costing a mere £8. Also on the menu are BBQ ribs, fries and much more to get your tails wagging.

Multiple locations


8. Van Doughs

In the back of a 1970 Citroen Hy Van, this edgy South London street pizza will grant all of your cheesy wishes. Each made on a sour-dough base and with four simple yet insanely tasty pizzas to choose from you will be coming back for more (we’ll we were at least!). The only difficulty you’ll face is whether to go for tomato and basil, pepperoni, goats cheese and pesto or anchovies and olives… We’ll take the lot please!


Feature Image: [londontheinside]

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