16 Instagrammable Toilets In London That You Should Definitely Give A Cr*p About

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London is very Instagrammable city, and it doesn’t stop in the bathroom.

We take great pleasure in a brilliant bog. Whether it has over-the-top decor, floral walls, stunning views or just a particularly great ambience, we are here for it. Here’s a little roundup of some of the London’s best.

1. sketch, Mayfair

? by @sherriesview

Let’s start with the obvious one, since they’re in one of London’s prettiest restaurants. There’s something about Sketch’s groovy rainbow lighting, curved mirrors and those futuristic egg pods that are just screaming to be snapped. (Here’s why you should visit sketch, for reasons other than the loos.)

9 Conduit Street, Mayfair, near Oxford Circus station, W1S 2XG.

2. Aqua Shard, London Bridge

aqua shard
? by @chplus

If you’re looking for the ultimate loo with a view, it doesn’t get much better than aiming into the Thames.

Level 31 The Shard, 31 Saint Thomas Street, next to London Bridge station, SE1 9RY. 

3. Annabel’s, Mayfair

? by @alexandrabigley

Annabel’s is an elegant private members club, for the famous and the fancy. It’s the most beautifully adorned building you’ll probably (n)ever see in your life, and the toilets are just the beginning.

46 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, W1J 5AT

4. Park Chinois, Mayfair

? by @sanasstylediary

Another fancy place serving fancy dim sum and playing fancy live music. But, what we’re most impressed by is the taps.

17 Berkeley Street, Mayfair, W1J 8EA

5. Nopi, Soho

? by @michelleyencken

It’s like a Hall of Mirrors, except it’s actually the loo. Kind of terrifying, but great for a selfie.

21-22 Warwick Street, Soho, W1B 5NE

6. Claridge’s Bar and Restaurant, Mayfair

? by @lolly_and_dex

This might be one of the most luxurious loos you’ll ever have the fortune of waltzing into. The wallpaper! The lights! The floor! The handles! The attention to detail is outstanding.

Brook Street, Mayfair, W1K 4HR

7. Restaurant Ours, Knightsbridge

? by @craiglambert_

Restaurant Ours is a beautiful restaurant x cocktail lounge x terrace, and the interiors have to be seen to be believed. There are giant trees, neon signs, pink floral walls and these magnificent jungle toilets. Oh and I hear the food is pretty good, too.

264 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, SW3 2AS

8. Isabel, Mayfair

? by @degournay

Isabel is one of the less pretentious Mayfair establishments, but that doesn’t take away from the pure opulence you’ll find in the bathroom. Each cubicle has a different hand painted wallpaper, designed by @degournay.

26 Albemarle Street, Mayfair, W1S 4HY

9. The Ned

? by @millieratcliffe

The Ned’s toilets are a dream. Forget the bars and the spas and the bedrooms, I could stay in here all night. (Just get me some chess pieces and an eager component.)

27 Poultry, EC2R 8AJ

10. The Hoxton, Holborn

? by @iamdaisyalice

Monochrome is Instagram’s friend, so The Hoxton and the ‘gram get on like a house on fire.

199-206 High Holborn, WC1V 7BD

11. Palm Vaults, Hackney

? by @sobmarina_

Nothing like a mix of pink and palm trees to really satisfy your #mirrorselfie urges. (Here’s why you should visit Palm Vaults, besides the toilets.)

411 Mare Street, E8 1HY

12. Tonight Josephine, Waterloo

? by @sladey.lady

This cocktail bar specialises in cocktails and hedonism and, as well as plenty of neon signage and girl power, it also has celebrities taped to its toilets. We’re totally here for it. (Here’s why you should visit Tonight Josephine, besides the Bieber bogs.)

111 Waterloo Road, Lambeth, SE1 8UL

13. Clos Maggiore, Covent Garden

? by @edauyar.studio

Famously considered one of the most romantic restaurants in London, Clos Maggiore is beautiful inside and out(side of the bathroom). Filled with monochrome and marble, it’s the perfect place to powder your nose.

33 King Street, WC2E 8JD

14. Bōkan, Canary Wharf

? by @sarah_fitz

We love this place and its stunning views, but the panoramic scenery doesn’t stop in the restaurant, oh no! The men get a view from the urinal, while the girls get to take in London’s skyline whilst washing their hands. That’s luxury, innit.

40 Marsh Wall, Isle of Dogs, E14 9TP

15. The Ritz, Green Park

? by @edauyar.studio

Famously one of the fanciest hotels in London… their toilets say that for themselves. Think impressive murals of water lilies and plush seating for when you want to read Country Life magazine… in the loo? ?

150 Piccadilly, St. James’s, W1J 9BR

16. The Savoy, Strand

? by @edauyar.studio

Another posh five-star hotel with beautiful toilets. A place where you’re pretty much scared to touch anything, but appreciate its grandeur from a safe distance.

Strand, WC2R 0EZ

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