A Wave Of Madness? London Is Getting Its First Water Cocktail Bar

Lucy Bloxham Lucy Bloxham


“Water you taking about?” You might ask. “A WATER cocktail bar?” Eerrrr, yep! London has taken the plunge and is set to open Britain’s first water cocktail bar later this year…inside Selfridges on Oxford Street. Taking inspiration from water bars in America, it has been reported that the bar will be located in the accessory hall and will serve a variety of water brands for those who want to enjoy the basic refreshment. Rumour has it that the flagship store will also consult ‘water sommeliers‘ to put together the bar’s menu……..no comment.

Martin Riese, former restaurant manager who claims he is an expert in the field, said: “Water has a taste. Why not create a water menu? Like wine, one can actually taste the region and depth from which the water comes. Just buy different brands of water with different [mineral] levels and taste them side by side. You will suddenly see how different they actually are.” Erhm, ok. We’ll believe it when we see (taste) it. If we can bring ourselves to test out this pretentious, yet undoubtedly hydrating, venture. We’ll have the water, topped with a bit of water, shaken…and garnished with, er, water? Remember, folks – drink in moderation! ? Well, well, well (geddit?)…what next?! A shop selling AIR? Oh wait…that’s also happenedThis shore is getting a bit ridiculous…


Featured Image Credit: WaterfrontPlayhouse

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