6 Ways To Catch The Last Of The Summer Vibes

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

6 Ways To Catch The Last Of The Summer Vibes

There’s an indisputable autumnal briskness in the air – but there’s still time for some summer-ish fun.

Let’s be real: we’re at most six weeks away from festive outdoor activities like alpine-themed bars and winter markets. But for now, you’ve got one last chance to grab a taste of summer at these turn-of-the-season events. Just be sure to bring a cardigan. [Photo: Jack Barrett]


Skylight Wapping London
Photo: @jrgpearce

There’s still one last chance for a spot of rooftop croquet and drinks at Skylight’s rooftop bar, sitting on top of Tobacco Dock in Wapping. This Saturday (Sep 16) is their last day, and we’ve sorted you out some discounted cocktails too. (Spoiler alert: they’re coming back in November with a winter-friendly offering!)

London Fields Sunday Festival

London Fields Sunday Festival
Photo: @youngvegans

Hackney has a brand new Sunday market at London Fields Primary School and they’re launching this weekend (Sep 17) with a family-friendly festival. Their initial brace of 22 stalls (offering fare like organic fruit and veg, artisan bread, raw chocolate and cheese cheese cheese) will, by way of celebration, be enhanced with live music, yoga sessions and art workshops.


Or, on Saturday (Sep 16), check out Well Street Market, E9, where you’ll also find the capital’s only Teenage Market, where young entrepreneurs from Hackney Quest and Morningside Youth Club create, brand and sell their own products.

Get in high spirits

Tequila said I could
Photo: @home_on_ravey

There’s a double measure of fun for fans of punchy Latin spirits this weekend. On Saturday, you can take you and your pals on a leisurely Margarita march (I’d have gone for ‘meander’ myself) where a £22 ticket gets you eight (eight?!) margaritas at bars across central London. (And frankly the fresh air could probably do you good.)

Or avoid peramublatin’ altogether with the all-weekend east London Mezcal festival, dedicated to tequila’s smoky big sister, with fifty varieties to try (and lots of Mexican food to keep you lucid.)

Festival season: still not over


Still hungry for beats like the insatiable beat-nibbler that you are? Finsbury Park is hosting back-to-back all-day parties next weekend, with south London’s drum & bass authority Hospital Records running things on the Saturday, while Abode deliver 12 hours of electronic dance on the Sunday.

Down in the sexy south, Milkshake are throwing one last rooftop party at Brixton Beach Boulevard on Sep 27 while Studio 338 in north Greenwich are closing their garden with one last blow-out on Sep 30.

Films beneath the stars at outdoor cinemas

Luna Cinema

It’s getting to be more woolly jumpers and mugs of cocoa than summer dresses and chilled rosé, but you can still catch the end of London’s outdoor film season. A few performances to catch:

Thu, Sep 14: Moulin Rouge, Battersea Park
Thu, Sep 14: Peter Pan, Bishop’s Park, Fulham
Fri, Sep 15: Whiplash, Bishop’s Park, Fulham
Fri, Sep 15: The Lost Boys, Alexandra Palace
Sat, Sep 16: Beauty & The Beast, Bishop’s Park, Fulham
Sat, Sep 16: La La Land, Alexandra Palace
Sun, Sep 17: Notting Hill, Bishop’s Park, Fulham
Sun, Sep 17: Ghost, One New Change, St. Paul’s
Thu, Sep 21: The Great Gatsby, Fulham Park
Fri, Sep 22: Deadpool, Coram’s Fields, Russell Square
Sat, Sep 23: Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them, Coram’s Fields, Russell Square
Sun, Sep 24: Grease, Coram’s Fields, Russell Square
Fri, Sep 28: Baby Driver, Dulwich Park

Or if you just fancy a free bit of fun, why not try this sightseeing walking route through London?

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