This Fire-Fuelled Fine Dining + Champagne Festival Looks Lit

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

Krug Festival - Into the Wild (3)

Attention #ballers of London – a mag(num)ificent foodie champagne festival is due to hit the serene Hampshire countryside next weekend.

Fire Cooking

On July 29, ‘Krug Festival – Into the Wild’ (and by ‘Wild’, they mean an hour on the train from Waterloo) will feature a huge feast from Argentinian chef Francis Mallman, deploying his Patagonian open-fire cooking – essentially the best barbecue you’ll ever eat, with ingredients roasted over flaming 10ft fires, buried in white-hot embers, or grilled over glowing logs. (You might remember his rugged heartbreaker vibes from his Chef’s Table episode.)

Naturally, Krug will be ensuring the champers flows freely, with bubbly brilliance provided to suit each course. Doesn’t Francis look happy about it?

Krug Festival - Into the Wild (2)

The evening’s entertainment will take place in the impressive surrounds of The Grange, an 18th century heritage site, so you can soak up some history along with your champers.

Music is provided some bubbling-under acts, picked by Mahogany. Ady Suleiman, JONES and Jacob Banks are all set to perform.

All of this luxury, including your pick-up from the nearby station and your entire journey back to London, is included in the price of your ticket.

And sure, tickets aren’t exactly cheap at (you may wish to sit down) £395, but if you’re looking to sweep someone off their feet (a pair is discounted at a mere £750!) or simply have a penchant for popping corks, this is undoubtedly the event of the year for you. Visit their website to find out more and book tickets.

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