Join A Free Video Tour Of London’s Perfectly Pink Hidden Garden This Sunday

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Isabella Plantation

This virtual tour is probably your only chance to see the Isabella Plantation this year…

A glorious spring has mostly passed with us confined inside (for very good reasons, I hasten to add!), but Richmond Park are doing their bit to bring the blossoms to you. On Sunday, May 10, they’ll be taking Londoners on a free video tour of the impossibly beautiful Isabella Plantation, which erupts in a showstopping display of pink in springtime. (Featured image: @james1er)

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Honestly, the Isabella Plantation is the first place I head when May rolls around, so not being able to visit this year is a tough one to take. Currently hosting a psychedelic display of rhododendrons and azaleas, the garden is a fuschia paradise, tucked away in the heart of Richmond Park. But since we’re unable to visit, the video tour should tide us over nicely until a proper visit can be arranged.

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It kicks off at 9am on May 10, and will hopefully offer a languid wander around the meandering paths, babbling brooks, and mirror-like lakes of the plantation. Do give it a watch, especially if you’ve never managed to make the pilgrimage out there – because those azaleas really are unmissable!

You can catch the video tour here at 9am on Sunday.

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