Game Of Thrones Fans Can Grab A Selfie On The Iron Throne Next Week

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Iron Throne

Fancy yourself on the Iron Throne? You’re in luck…

We’re now tantalisingly close to the premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones, and the hype is building. But if you’d prefer see yourself perched on the Iron Throne, rather than one of those squabbling pretenders, then you’re in luck. As part of Sky’s Seven Kingdoms Tour, the throne is touring the UK, offering us the chance to park our behinds on the least comfortable seat of power in the land – and it’ll be in London within the week.

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Iron Throne
A pretender sits upon the Iron Throne – will you usurp him? Photo: @alanreis_

The Iron Throne will be setting up camp in Kings Cross station – appropriately enough – on April 15th and 16th. Each stop of the Seven Kingdoms Tour represents a different part of Westeros; for instance, London is The Crownlands, given our extensive and occasionally scandalous Royal Family. Meanwhile, Edinburgh is renamed The North, although pedants might point out that it lies beyond the wall, and is therefore actually not part of the Seven Kingdoms at all (sorry Edinburgh).

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game of thrones iron throne
Photos: @kathyalves.official / @tea.ess / @legallybril

Anyway, fans are invited to take a seat, wield a sword, and generally lord it over the rest of us for a minute or two – which is surely enough time to order the destruction of your enemies if you’re quick about it. Maybe you should start with the usurpers over in New York, where a rival throne has been welcoming suitors recently.

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Iron Throne
Photo: @alan_orourke90

With no word on any charge for the experience, it looks like you’ll be paying neither the gold nor the iron price to sit the Iron Throne. One thing’s for sure though, it’ll be chaotically busy – just remember though: chaos is a ladder, one which might just take you all the way to the top…

Featured image: @angry5000

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