5 Game Of Thrones-Inspired Things You Can Do Now That Winter Is Here

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Game of Thrones

Winter is here, and the end is nigh.

After eight years, we’re finally at the end of a blood-soaked, heart-rending, fire-breathing journey. Yes, Game of Thrones returns for the final season of April 14th – if you haven’t seen the trailer, watch it here – and London can hardly wait. In fact, such is the level of fandom that a whole host of themed experiences have popped up in anticipation of the season premiere, and we’ve rounded up the best of ’em.

1. Head to a murderous dinner party

Game of Thrones

If you learned anything – anything – from Game of Thrones, it’s that a dinner invite should be treated with extreme caution. That’s definitely true at Dinner Is Coming, as the darkness of Waterloo Vaults holds scheming lords and ladies just aching for a stab at power (and you). A mixture of food, theatre, and thinly-disguised parodies, I can guarantee you that not everyone is making it out alive. Find your tickets here.

2. Party all night at a Thrones-themed rave

Game of Thrones

The night is dark, and full of ravers. Rave of Thrones is an immersive night of house and dance music, featuring incredible live stage productions, actors in full costume, the odd White Walker-infested blizzard, and a very special guest DJ. Best known to audiences as fan favourite Hodor, DJ Kristian Nairn will switch from holding doors to dropping beats during his set, which is the perfect way to soundtrack your ascent to the Iron Throne. Tickets are available here.

3. Prove your superiority at a Game of Thrones pub quiz

Game of Thrones

Why fight for the Iron Throne when you can quiz your way there? The Tattershall Castle is holding an epic Game of Thrones pub quiz – yes, it’s highly appropriate to hold it in a castle – with eternal glory and a place in the Maester’s histories as a prize. Grab five worthy comrades, and strike out for the title! Get your tickets here.

4. Get inked with a free Westeros-inspired tattoo

Game of Thrones

A Lannister may always pay their debts, but you’ll be paying nothing at this tattoo pop-up. In partnership with NOW TV, guest tattoist Lauren Winzer – who designed Sophie Turner’s own ‘The Pack Survives’ tattoo – will be in London for two days only. On April 16th & 17th, you can walk in to The Circle studio, and choose one of sixteen designs without paying a thing – just make sure you’re there early though, as only 50 are available, on a first-come, first-served basis.

5. Settle in for the season opener at a watch party

Game of Thrones
Photo: @nowtv

Sure, you can ward off the chill of Winterfell by swaddling yourself in duvets, but if you fancy turning the season eight premiere in the Big Event it deserves to be, head to a watch party to enjoy it en masse. More will spring up closer to the time, but for now our leading contender is The World’s End pub in Finsbury Park. Yes, the name is rather apt for what we’re presumably about to witness…

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