5 Ways To Find Your Inner Peace In London

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Inner peace

Have your moment of zen with these London-centric ways to find inner peace.

City living can be a stressful old lark sometimes. Whilst we get the best of UK culture and all the excitement of urban life, there’s a whole heap of stress that comes with it. Money worries, transport fails, dating horror stories… If it all feels like too much sometimes, have a peek at these ways to practice mindfulness and find some inner peace, from museums to gardens.

1. Hang out by the riverside

Inner peace

Apparently, being by water is good for calmness and peace of mind, so it’s rather lucky we have a massive river to stroll alongside. Although the Thames isn’t a babbling brook of solitude, it does have it’s charms. There’s nothing quite like views of the sunset glimpsed from the Vauxhall riverside, or contemplating Pimlico’s ‘Love‘ statue on a sunny day. Oh, and if the river ever gets boring, there are a whole host of riverside pubs for a calming pint.

2. Visit some cute animals

Inner peace
Photo: @hornimanmuseumandgardens

Cute animals are so necessary for human happiness that we wrote a whole article about it. Nothing brings a smile to your face quicker than snuggling alpacas at a city farm, spotting penguins at the zoo, or lazing around in a cat cafe. Trust us.

3. Get back to nature

Inner peace
Photo: @simonfromengland

London is spoiled with green spaces, and a return to nature is a great way to find some inner peace. Whether it’s a stroll through the charming wilderness of Richmond Park, a meander along the paths of Epping Forest, or simply taking a peep at London’s flourishing flowers. Alternatively, give peace a chance in Battersea Park. There, the stunning Peace Pagoda stands tall as a commitment to world peace, making it a perfect place for some quiet reflection.

4. Partake in a little light exercise

Inner peace
Photo: @sg_skygarden

I know it’s hard to equate exercising with happiness, but it really does do wonders for your mood. With summer fast approaching, a dip in one of London’s finest lidos becomes a fun way to work out, or just sunbathe by the poolside. Yoga is an ever-popular option to achieve inner peace, and you can find classes everywhere from Tower Bridge to the Sky Garden. Oh, and if your base-level description of exercise is anything that works up a sweat, we’ve got a great option. The Finnish Church in Rotherhithe has a public sauna, and £6 gets you an hour to steam the stress out. Exercise has never been so relaxing…

5. Do something utterly joyful

Inner peace

Helpful as they may be, meditation and solitude aren’t the only ways to find your inner peace. Sometimes, it’s about doing something really ridiculously fun. Step forward Ballie Ballerson, which welcomes fully grown adults to act like kids at a birthday party (but this time, with booze). Similar joy can be found at Whistlepunks, where flinging axes at targets has been known to bring Viking-esque mirth to punters. But to truly understand what brings us joy, head to the happiest place in London: the Museum of Happiness. Through a series of fun interactive exhibits, this place will help you understand what makes us happy, and give you that warm fuzzy feeling. Lovely!

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