This Glass Floor Is The Most Knee-Wobbling Walk In London • Tower Bridge Experience

Tower Bridge Glass Floor

Got a head for heights? Try taking a walk on Tower Bridge’s high-flyin’ glass walkway.

On the upper walkways of London’s iconic bridge, you’ll find a challenge for any acrophobe.

Tower Bridge Experience

42 metres above the River Thames below, a glass walkway (comprised of reassuringly solid half-ton slabs of glass) allows the courageous to walk all over the traffic and pedestrians below.

It is QUITE nervewracking.

A thoughtfully installed mirror above provides all-important extra selfie angles.

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And some people manage to adjust rather quickly.

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If that’s the case for you, why not try their special on-glass yoga classes?

Tower Bridge Yoga Glass Floor

They’re held every Wednesday morning, and a session costs £25.

The glass floor is part of the larger Tower Bridge Exhibition, which will also let you nosey around the mighty engine room and see some exhibits retelling the history of the famous landmark. There’s also a neat offer which gives you entry to the Monument, a fifteen-minute walk away. (Alternatively, steady your nerves beforehand with a visit to the Prosecco Bar, conveniently only a five-minute walk south.) Sure, maybe it’s a little bit touristy, but sometimes you just have to tick these things off, don’t you think?

Location: Tower Bridge, at, uh… well it’s just at Tower Bridge isn’t it?Nearest stations: Tower Hill or London Bridge. See it on Google Maps.
Opening hours: 11am-11pm (Weekdays), 10am-11pm (Weekends).
Price: £9.80 for grownups, or £12 for Monument admission too. Alternatively, hire out the entire place for £6,000 for a party to remember!
More information: head to their website.

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