Incredible London Artist Is Giving Away Her Drawings On Trains

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Incredible London Artist Is Giving Away Her Drawings On Trains

There are some stunning charcoal drawings hanging around the London underground, overground and train service…drawings that, if you’re lucky enough to stumble across, are yours to keep! Courtesy of artist Liz Atkin.

Suffering from compulsive skin picking disorder, Atkins finds that sketching is the best way to keep her hands and fingers busy, as well as relaxing her mind. Thus, when embarking on her twice-a-week commute from Forest Hill to East Finchley, she spends her time creating drawings. But rather than just doing it for herself she spreads the love, giving her pictures away or simply leaving them for others to find.

Liz revealed that she began this venture by taking a sketch book with her during her commute. Running out of paper, however, one day she just picked up a newspaper to draw on…and never looked back! Liz said: “Commuters are often intrigued and I began handing finished drawings to someone or leaving them on the floor. It delights people! I also get chatting to people as some cross the carriage to sit beside me as I draw. Each drawing takes one minute, so I often do a huge amount on each journey. It’s a form of live art!”

We’ll be rifling through all the papers that we see, now! Alternatively, if you’re not lucky enough to get your hands on one, follow her on Twitter  or search #CompulsiveCharcoal to see her latest work.


Featured Image Credit: The Londonist

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