Here’s How Much It Would Cost You To Buy The London Homes From Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’

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Bridgerton Properties

Looking for an upgrade? These Bridgerton properties could be just the ticket…

When you’re stuck inside during lockdown, it’s only natural to sink into the warm embrace of Netflix. Unfortunately, their current red-hot hit is Regency fantasy Bridgerton, and what with all the ultra-luxe houses on display, it’s naturally got us wondering about an upgrade to our lockdown pad. You already know where the series was filmed, but now Money.co.uk has gone a step further, and put a price tag on the glamorous homes of lords and ladies. Unsurprisingly, you’re going to need to find a lot of change down the sofa to put down a deposit on these beauties…

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Bridgerton Properties

First up is Queen Charlotte’s Residence (or, at least, the exterior of it). Those sweeping shots of a sprawling palace are, as eagle-eyed Londoners might have noticed, of Hampton Court Palace, valued at a cool £473,096,481. Yes, that’s definitely Jeff Bezos-level money, but on the plus side, it does come with tennis courts, a banquet hall, and its own ice rink every winter.

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Bridgerton Properties

Moving down the list of expensive properties, we come to Lancaster House – used as The Gentlemen’s Club in the series, whilst also chipping in with a few shots of Queen Charlotte’s pad. Hey, that’s basically two for the price of one! The building has also made appearances in Downton Abbey and The King’s Speech, and whilst it’s currently under the remit of the government’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office, the survey reckons £67,066,159 will be enough to prise it away.

Bridgerton Properties

Finally, we come to the wisteria-clad home of the Bridgerton family: Bridgerton House. Sadly, it’s not wisteria-clad in its real life guise as Ranger’s House in Greenwich, but still remains an enviable mansion for you to while away the lockdown. And at just (just!) £35,233,027, it’s the cheapest Bridgerton property up for grabs. With a canny bit of negotiating, you might be able to get them to throw in the art collection of Sir Julius Wernher, which is currently on display in the house. Hey, we can dream, right…

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