Here Are The Stunning Locations Where Netflix’s Bridgerton Was Filmed

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Ever wondered where Bridgerton was actually filmed?

If you haven’t seen Netflix’s Bridgerton yet, the show can best be described as the love child of Downton Abbey, Gossip Girl and Pride and Prejudice – or simply the best thing to come out of 2020. The popular show premiered in the UK on Christmas Day and has been the talk of the town ever since. This costume drama is based on Julia Quinn’s fascinating romance novels and it is set in Regency London. [Featured image: Netflix] 

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The series follows the eight siblings of the Bridgerton family as they attempt to find love amongst London’s elite. While the storyline is pretty captivating, you can’t help but notice the grandiose palaces, country estates, ballrooms and stately homes that feature throughout. If you want to channel your inner socialite post-lockdown and recreate your favourite scenes from the series, here are the stunning sites where it was filmed.

Bridgerton House

Bridgerton house
Photo: Netflix

Up first is none other than Bridgerton House itself. The glamourous wisteria-clad mansion houses the eight Bridgerton siblings that we all know and love and is located in Mayfair in the series. The building used to represent their abode in real life however, is Ranger’s House which is found on the other side of London in Greenwich. This Georgian villa is on the boundary of Greenwich Park and Blackheath and has been the home of many royals over the years. Conversely, all the scenes featuring Bridgerton House’s grand hall, stairs, hallway and smoking room, were shot inside one of the UK’s largest Royal Air Force stations in Buckinghamshire – RAF Halton.

Ranger’s House, Greenwich and RAF Halton 

St James’s Palace and Buckingham Palace

Bridgerton lancaster
Photo: Gov.uk

Queen Charlotte, everyone’s favourite unfiltered royal, travels between Buckingham Palace and St James’s Palace in the series. Scenes at these venues were actually captured at a number of English stately homes. The iconic moment in episode one where the debutantes are introduced to the monarch at Queen Charlotte’s Ball was filmed in the Double Cube Room at Wilton House. The Long Gallery in Lancashire House was also used to portray both palace’s and for all external shots, we have Hampton Court Palace in Richmond-upon-Thames to thank.

Hampton Court Palace, Lancaster House and Wilton House 

Hastings House

Bridgerton Duke
Photo: Netflix

Wilton House in Salisbury was used portray the Duke’s extravagant mansion. This Tudor house has been home to the Earls of Pembroke for over 400 years and you may recognise it from The Crown and Pride and Prejudice where it also featured. Wilton House’s hallway, entrance hall and portrait hall all appear in the series, as well as the extraordinarily fountains and quadrangle outside. Other scenes at Hastings House were filmed at Syon House in Brentford (the nursery) and Badminton House in Gloucestershire (Duke’s parlour and mornings rooms).

Wilton House, Syon House and Badminton House

Clyvedon Castle

Bridgerton castle
Photo: Shutterstock

Clyvedon Castle is the Duke and Duchess of Hastings’ fabulous country home and it is also where they spend their NSFW honeymoon. Castle Howard in north Yorkshire is the striking historical palace used to represent the fictional home. Other scenes at Clyvedon Castle were shot at Wilton House (the dining room), Badminton House (the parlour and the grounds) and Hertfordshire’s North Mymms Park (the nursery).

Castle Howard, North Mymms Park, Wilton House and Badminton House

Featherington House

Photo: Netflix

The Featherington’s home is nothing short of spectacular. The Grade II-listed Royal Crescent Museum in Bath was where all the scenes featuring this gaudy façade were filmed. Fans of the show will remember the perfectly colour-coordinated interiors of the Featherington home just as well. It was a combination of Hertfordshire’s Hatfield House and RAF Halton used for all the inside shots of their lavish home.

Royal Crescent, Hatfield House and RAF Halton 

White’s Gentlemen Club

Bridgerton club
Photo: Netflix

Turns out the Gentlemen Club was filmed at an actual member’s club in London – who would’ve thought it? The Reform Club in Pall Mall once had Winston Churchill as a member and was more recently used to represent the ‘club’ that many male characters in Bridgerton head to to drink, gamble and socialise. Lancaster House was also used for some of the shots inside the club.

Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

Bridgerton Garden
Photo: Netflix

Funnily enough, the scenes at Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens where the infamous outdoor party took place and Simon and Daphne made that arrangement were not actually filmed in Vauxhall (or London for that matter). The pleasure gardens no longer exist but it was once a leading venue for public entertainment and local events. To recreate the stunning gardens the crew made use of Castle Howard in York, as well as the Temple of Venus at Stowe Park.


Bridgerton g
Photo: Netflix

Bridgerton loves a good ball and to be honest, don’t we all? The glamorous ballrooms that appear throughout the series were represented by a number of English heritage sites including Leigh Court in Somerset, Castle Howard, Bath Guildhall and the Bath Assembly Room. You shall go to the ball!

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