5 Reasons Why The House Of Whisky Is London’s Best Night Out

House of Whisky House of Whisky


The House of Whisky is coming – are you ready?

This week, something special is coming to London. An exclusive night of amazing whisky, held inside a swish venue, with food and music until the early hours of the morning. Quite simply, we think the House of Whisky is London’s best night out, and we’ve got the reasons to prove it. Read on for more information, or get your tickets here if you’re already sold!

1. It shows there is a whisky for all drinkers


You may be new to whisky, or you may have enjoyed it for years. Whatever your history with this wonderful spirit, you’ll find something to enjoy at the House of Whisky. Five distinguished distilleries are represented at this exclusive night, each offering a unique taste of Scotch. The best way to explore them is with a guided tasting, led by experts who’ll walk you through the process and history of each whisky. Tickets have sold out once already, but luckily for you the House of Whisky have added a second session, so grab them before they go again!

2. The cocktails are pretty fabulous


Purists will say that whisky should only ever be taken neat, but they’re missing out on a whole world of flavour. Scotch is a versatile spirit, and the five whiskies on show at the House of Whisky prove it. Each blends seamlessly into smashing cocktails, such as the Talisker Skye Rider, and we’re pretty confident that you’ll find your new summer cocktail here.

3. It’s being held at an exclusive London venue


London is overflowing with classy spots for a party, but they don’t come much finer than this. Located in the heart of London, TRAMP is a legendary member’s club that has hosted a parade of famous faces down the years – everyone from Frank Sinatra to Rihanna – and now it will play host to the House of Whisky. It’s a suitably sleek venue for this suave evening out.

4. There’s a delicious feast happening inside


Whisky with dinner? We can’t imagine a more perfect pairing. The House of Whisky is serving up a right royal feastwith courses designed to enhance the flavour of the whiskies on offer. The smoked beef fillet, for instance, pairs beautifully with the Johnnie Walker Black Label. Cards on the table, we’re already looking forward to dessert: chocolate and brown butter pudding, whisky caramel and buttermilk sorbet, served with a measure of Cardhu. Perfection!

5. It’s in town for one night only


Too much of a good thing, and all that. The House of Whisky is in residence for one night only, July 20th, making this your one chance to enjoy this unique event. Tickets are selling like hotcakes, so grab yours before they’re all gone!

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